The People

Harry Hill

Mr Henry Hill (aka Harry), born in Scotland on the 4th September 1956, was involved in professional football from the age of 14 until 22 years old. During this period from 1973 to 1977 he studied at Anniesland College, Scotland, achieving City & Guilds Diploma in Shipbuilding Engineering. He continued his full-time football career from 1977-1979. In the following 34 years Mr Hill has been involved in several Civil Engineering projects from a Hydro Electric Plant in Hrauneyjafosstöð, Iceland to Coast Guard Ice-breakers in Ontario, Canada. From 2001 Mr Hill focused on real estate both in London and Coté d'Azur, establishing his Project Management reputation with an impressive record of projects delivered on budget and on time.

Sharon Campbell

Mrs Sharon Campbell, born in Scotland on the 24 January 1967, received her HNC in Accounts from the West College Scotland. Mrs Campbell started her career with PKF Accountants and then became Company Secretary and Financial Assistant on various Hedge Funds over the next 15 years both in Scotland and London. Mrs Campbell has focused her career in the Construction Industry over the past 10 years where she became board member with the responsibility of Finance and Accounting.